Stacey Nealon is an intuitive with a deep passion for helping people reconnect with their True Self. 

Working with Clients since 2008. 

I offer Services for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Body - Massage, Cupping, Reflexology

Mind/Soul - Reiki, Readings, Intuitive Counselling. 

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I help people release old patterns, pains, and procrastinations, so they can step into their true authentic self! 

As an Intuitive Counsellor and Energy Worker, I create customized sessions to help you move into where you want to be in any/all areas of your life. 


Services & Pricing 

To book please email, text, or call! 

Call or text 403.815.5811
Appointments available In-person, Skype, Phone, or FaceTime


Click here to book online 

B O D Y 

Massage 1hr $85.00

Reflexology 1hr $85.00

Cupping w/ Massage $85.00

M I N D : S O U L

Reiki 1hr $85.00

Reading 30min $60.00

Intuitive Counselling 1hr $100.00

90 minute Custom appointment $110.00 (1 or more services combined) 


Intuitive & Experienced Support for Wellness